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Al’s Quick Cash Method #1 – $100/Day From 1hrs Work.

This is a method that I have used in the past, and have recently started playing around with again and have seen some killer results with it.

It a simple method that takes almost no time to setup, is 100% free to do, and it can make you anywhere from $30 a day all the way up to a couple of hundred bucks a day. The reason there is such a big gap in how much you can make is because the commission amount ranges from product to product.

For myself, on average it takes me about 1 to 1.5hrs to complete the whole system, which in turn, will make me an average of $60-100+ per day.

What is the method?

It’s all about creating a simple, informative style landing page and then driving instant, targeted traffic to that landing page. Sounds simple? Damn right it is. I don’t ever spend too much time on any quick-cash method, and I don’t want you to either.

Since you are driving instant traffic, you will probably notice that most of the time you will get a wave of traffic, a couple sales, and then nothing after that. The beauty is you can just re-do the traffic generation step to drive another wave of traffic and make more sales since your landing page is already there.

Anyways, here is the breakdown of the method:

1.Find a niche – Pay attention to niches that have problems that need solving , but are not in the make money at home/internet marketing niche. These types of customers are going to see right through this method. Think of things like marriage/couples counseling, pets, skin care, natural remedies, etc…

2.Select an affiliate product – I recommend you grab a few good affiliate products. Make sure to do the standard checks on each product. Is the sales page attractive? Does it use good images, bullet points, etc…Is there a money back guarantee… The usual. Just make sure it doesn’t look like a complete piece of shit.

3.Create a simple, informative landing page – You will post articles that are helpful to the niche you selected. For example, if you chose marriage counseling as your niche, you could throw up one or two articles about how to avoid the most common conflicts with your spouse, etc. Just make sure the articles are helpful and informative. The whole of the landing is to warm up your reader.

4.Drive instant traffic to your website – This method is not about selecting a “magic keyword” and trying to get ranked in Google. We are going to utilize places where people are actively converging and discussing the niche you chose and its problems. If you’re thinking just forums, you are wrong.

5.Rinse and repeat – You can start all over in another niche, or keep repeating the traffic methods in step 4 to drive more traffic to your landing page. If find you are getting sells every time you drive traffic to that landing page, then I would keep driving traffic to that page.

This report is not anything fancy, and it’s not supposed to be. It’s a simple, workable method that generates quick sales consistently when you use it.

This method is for newbies, and anyone else that wants to add another quick-cash method to their toolkit.

If you do decide to use it, remember that my guides, just like any other, are blueprints. By adding your own spin on things, you will experience much more success and help to keep things from becoming saturated.

Happy New Year to all of BHW. I hope 2010 brings everyone nothing but massive success.